Letters to Persecuted Believers - Mussie Eyob

More information about Mussie Eyob

Mussie Eyob became a Christian in 2008. In 2011, while living in Saudi Arabia, he visited a local mosque in Jeddah to meet and talk with attendees about Christianity.  He was arrested for preaching to Muslims and imprisoned in Saudi Arabia. 
He was deported back to Eritrea in November 2011.


Mussie is being held at the Me’etr prison in north west Eritrea.  It is situated in a dry, barren, inhospitable area with harsh weather conditions for most of the year. The prison itself is like a labor camp where prisoners are required to work the land, something that is extremely difficult for prisoners who are old or infirm


At last report, Mussie appears to be in reasonably good health and he tries to work on behalf of the sick and the weak. Before he was arrested, Mussie supported his mother and sister. 

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